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Brett manages to find time to record some building & pest inspection videos. These aim to take the mystery out of building & pest inspections for property buyers, sellers and existing property owners.

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Please feel free to make any requests! Brett is keen to take some of the stress out of buying and selling houses. Whilst he can't solve all the issues, he can try to reduce the chance of nasty surprises spoiling the party by bringing your attention to issues as early as possible.

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Brett Inspection of a Shower

Brett explains that one of the most important parts of a building inspection is wet areas and especially showers. Showers rank very high on QBCC's insurance claims list as they are vulnerable to leaks over time which can cause major structural issues. Brett shows us that he checks the silicon and makes sure it is intact, especially in the corners. He then runs the shower for 10 minutes as per the Australian Standards and afterwards uses his Tramex (moisture meter) to detect for water damage on all adjacent walls.

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Existing Termite Control Methods

Brett is at another pest inspection and on the lookout for Existing Termite Control Methods.

This will allow him to asses whether the previous owner has implemented a serious termite deterrent system. He first checks the meter box. This is where Pest Control Experts keep a log of their regular work. He discovers that this particular house has had a Pest Controller in its recent history. So he goes on the lookout to see how good it is.

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Termite Inspection Zones

Brett takes 2 minutes to tell us the importance of keeping garden beds and soil away from the slab to prevent concealed access from termites. He quotes the Australian standards that a distance of 75mm must be maintained.

This is just one example of what pest inspectors will be looking at when they inspect your house.

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Please note that these videos are to help you understand what happens at a building and pest inspection. They are not a substitute to hiring a professionally trained, qualified, licenced, building and pest inspector that is fully insured. For the sake of a small fee it is strongly recommended you hire a building and pest inspector before you commit to buying a property.

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