Building Inspection at an Aquarium

Brett is in the shower using the thermal imaging cameras to detect moisture

We go everywhere in Brisbane and it takes us to some extraordinary places. Today I inspected a house with an amazing aquarium full of beautiful fish. The fish were fascinating, but I was there as a building inspector so my main concern was about the effects of water damage and humidity issues

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Building Inspections February 2020 - Water Damage

Brett is in the roof void with a torch doing a building inspection

Here are some photos taken during some building inspections this February 2020

Recent Building Inspections and Water Damage

With the recent floods we thought it might be interesting to focus on possible water damage. Water is responsible for so many of the issues that are found in building inspections. This is why Brett always carries a water moisture detector, and a thermal camera.

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Building and Pest Inspection Photos

Brett keeps a gallery of some of the more interesting photos on his travels doing building inspections every day. As you can imagine he gets to be in places people don't normally go. He gets to see things people don't normally see. Should make for a great gallery!

You can click on a photo here to see further similar photos

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Building Inspection Roof

Brett is in the roof void with a torch doing a building inspection

Checking the roof spaces is an important part of any building inspection

Roof Building Inspections

Brett is looking for leaks and to see if the roof is well supported. He's also checking the insulation and having a rummage around looking for pests. Then there's the roof tiles, and the downlights and plenty more to inspect.

Although there are plenty of issues to be found when doing a building inspection in the roof void, Brett says the most important one is leaking. If water is getting in then this can lead to many other issues and should, therefore, be addressed as a priority.

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Driving Around Brisbane Doing Inspections

Brett's Building inspection Ute on the driveway of a building inspection house with views of Brisbane CBD in the background

Brett managed to get a work colleague to snap him busy driving in and around Brisbane this week.

There's the Gateway Bridge, Brisbane CBD, an inspection at a nice new-looking home and one of Brett doing his building work

North Brisbane Building & Pest Inspections conduct inspections all over Brisbane and surrounding areas, from Ipswich to Redcliffe and Caboolture to the Gold Coast. Keep a look out for our other photos of Brett in your area!

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