Building Inspections February 2020 - Water Damage

Here are some photos taken during some building inspections this February 2020

Recent Building Inspections and Water Damage

With the recent floods we thought it might be interesting to focus on possible water damage. Water is responsible for so many of the issues that are found in building inspections. This is why Brett always carries a water moisture detector, and a thermal camera.

However, in these photos you can see that Brett did not need the latest technology to find major issues during his building inspections.

Firstly, we can see copper pipes that have decayed. These pipes need replacing urgently. At some point, they will not be able to hold the water pressure and water will burst out into the home causing major damage. A plumber will need to be called in to asses the extent of the decay and replace the affected pipes, potentially saving a lot of money by avoiding flooding.

Secondly, you can see a box gutter. It is unfortunately common for these types of guttering to fail. As is the case with this one. If you do have one of these, then keep it clean. Remove leaves regularly so that it does not get blocked, and get it checked. It's often a lot cheaper to find issues early, and address them, rather than wait for them to become a crisis.

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